Suhfars operates three core repeaters in Lake County Illinois.

K9SA/R on 443.250  +5MHz  PL114.8  operates both in analog and P25 modes.

K9SA/R is on 223.840 -1.6MHz PL 110.9 analog.

K9SA is also our D-STAR repeater on 441.23125 +5MHz

These repeaters are located in southwestern Lake county with excellent coverage into the southern edge of Wisconsin and northern Cook county.

other D-STAR repeaters in the area that are owned/operated by SUHFARS members are:

KC9PWC 440.10625 in Dupage County

KC9RBB 442.800  in Northwestern Cook County

KF7CUF 445.9500 in Arizona

KD9LZ 443.850 in Southwestern Lake County

Some of these D-STAR repeaters are permanently linked on D-STAR reflector
051C (known locally as Area 51), along with other repeaters that link there from time to time.

If you are a new D-Star user, you should register your callsign for network operation in the D-Star system. If you are a member of SUHFARS, you can register by contacting WA9EMY, W8DCD or WB9EXL.

For more information on D-Star, you can visit the following sites: for general D-Star Information has an extensive list of D-Star information resources at: has some good tools, forums and other information.

And if you’re trying to figure out how to program your radio, the D-Star calculator at will help you out.